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Welcome to AKA Entertainment and Amusement llc  multi functional business that provides entertainment , creates new events , and vends merchandise created and related to our events. As such  we try to provide our guest with a unique shopping experience searching out vendors that  provide unique , odd , and unusual products. It is our goal to create events which provide family friendly entertainment with diversity that allows for all who attend an opportunity to find something to their liking. We look forward to creating a pleasurable event for our guest, vendors , and performers as it takes all of us to create memories. 

     Gear Con started as G-Con or simply Generic Con however we are anything but generic  as we are just a tad odd and somewhat unique. Yes we are a business and as such it is our goal to turn a profit but it is also our goal to benefit the community in which our events take place. Our commitment to the community is not just for the time of the event it is to truly become a part of the community and strive to see it grow and for us to grow with it. Together we can gear up and get the job done.

     S.outhern O.klahoma S.teampunk and The Irish Road Show are both a part of the existing Gear Con Family. S.O.S is our FB group for our Steampunk Community and open for all to join or explore. Te Irish Road Show exist as an old school traditional 5 in 1 circus sideshow presenting the pain proof acts of the sideshow.  You can visit one or the other or both by clicking the links at the top of the page.

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