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R.J. Lundgren

     Better known to some as the Irish Pope or Brother Barnabas Brass-Boilerplate is a true Ambassador of the Steampunk Community . RJ truly lives by the concept of  "Reddere in ante" or Pay it forward.  Be sure to visit and take a selfie with  RJ as the Steampunk Pope .





     Russel Accord From Travel Channels Expedition Bigfoot will be on hand with not only his own books and but will have Bob Gimlin  swag as well. Amongst the many things that gentleman of the Victorian Era would have discussed over a glass of Brandy expeditions into distant places in search of unknown creatures would have indeed created a lively discussion 



     DR. Rebecca Foster is a renown clairvoyant and author who does indeed hold a PHD in Health Sciences.  Dr. Foster will hold a limited seating galleria to discuss the world of Sprits and messages which they might have. Those who take part in the Galleria may be surprised at a direct message meant for them. No this is not a seance nor a fortune teller but an open conversation with unknown possibilities



     Greg Lawson has spent much of his adult life exploring strange places. From the first Russian colony in Three Saints Bay, Alaska to the pyramids of Egypt, he has explored paranormal hot spots in over 40 countries. He is a career law enforcement officer with over 31-years of experience. He has worked as a hostage negotiator, SWAT officer, academy instructor and as a sex crimes and homicide detective. He is also a 10-year military veteran and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

     Greg is an international lecturer and the author of four books on the paranormal: Detecting Paranormal, Diaries of a Paranormalist, and How to Be a Paranormal Detective. His latest work: Roswell: the After-Action Report, takes a fresh look at the 1947 events and the continuing Air Force cover-up.


      Meet Dave Schrader of the Holzer Files and Paranormal 60. Dave is co-founer of Darkness Radio with a mission to enlighten, educate and, entertain. While radio is his choosen form of communication he has appeared in several television programs most notable in my umble opinion being the Holzer Files. 

 Irish Road Show 

 Steve is not only the driving force and the man to contact for any and all questions and comments in regard to The Steampunk Stampede but prepared to thrill and amaze you as the Irish Road Show. Be sure to catch his show as he performs the pain proof acts of side show to include Fire Eating without catching the beard on fire.


      Meet Jackfork, the powerhouse 4-piece rock band hailing from the rugged hills of Oklahoma, named after the iconic Jackfork Mountain that echoes the spirit of moonshine and outlaws. With an unyielding dedication to their craft, Jackfork delivers a high-energy musical experience that leaves audiences craving more. We are blend of classic rock, southern rock, blues, and a hint of country. As they tread the path paved by legends, Jackfork's music pays homage to the heritage of Oklahoma while carving out a unique space of their own in the rock landscape. Join Jackfork on their sonic escapades as they continue on their musical journey. We are Jackfork and We Are Here To Rock!

Mychall Allen

Johnny Aman

     Mychall Allen is no stranger to the entertainment industry having performed multiple times at McSwain Theatre in Ada and The Rivers & Spires Festival in Clarksville Tennessee. Mychall will be performing throughout the day you will find him either on the mainstage or if you are lucky enough you may get to sit back and relax as he serenades near the food court. 


While not quite as dashing as his father Johnny Aman is another person to reach out to for assistance in all things Gear Con / Steampunk Stampede related. Amongst his many accolades he writes for the web page RealRasslin and has assisted on several of thier weekly podcast. Here at Gear Con he lends a huge hand in all thing's technology related and is the Voice of Gear Con as we move forward in creating a podcast of our own which will cover the many different aspects related to Gear Con.

Green Country2.jpg

     Green Country Paranormal Investigation led by Paul Quimby and Garret Cloud will be returning offering a panel on Equipment of the Paranormal and lead a group in a Paranormal Investigation. The investigation will be one of our special ticketed events and will have limited availability

jeff provine.jpg

     Jeff Provine is one of Oklahoma's own and an extremely talented author in regard to the Haunted Oklahoma.Jeff will not oly be available for you to purchase a signed edition of his many books but will also be presenting Paranormal Pizza a ticketed evening of stories from Jeff's expansive knowledge along with Pizza and Drinks

More To Come

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