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Southern Oklahoma Steampunk

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        AKA Amusement and Entertainment llc is a family orientated operation which strives to create events the whole family can enjoy. With the creation of "The Irish Road Show" to the current creation of G-Con it is our goal to be a positive force in our community.

        G-CON is a multi layered event that will provide a bit of something for everyone and provide a new experience for many. The ambiance of Steampunk opens the door to creativity; a world of ones own making with a destiny which we design. A world loosely based upon The Victorian period where steam powers a world of mechanized gears and inventions. Top hats and extravagant  gowns are all the fashion and even ruffians and rogues exhibit a small flair for culture. A time where a certain mysticism and thirst for the unknown allowed for open debates on the existence of such creatures as Bigfoot and the possibility of a realm where the spirits of those who passed before us existed. Today we call this Cryptozoology and Spiritualism and often frown on any discussion of such beings but just for a brief moment step back and allow yourself the oppurtunity to believe.

      As an added bonus it was common for both Ruffians and those of a refined nature to compete in battles of strength while enjoying the odd the strange and often peculiar at gatherings and faires. In the honor of tradition G-Con will present the world of Sports Entertainment with a Saturday night main event with 6 to 8 matches displaying brute strength and finess. The Irish Road Show will present a brief look and history of sideshow with a presentation of The Deadly Tortures which one should never try at home.  So come one come all and see thing you may have never seen before and may never see again.

       This is just the begining for AKA Amusement and Entertainment llc looking forward to our next adventure and hope that you will join us on this journey.

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