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Southern Oklahoma Steampunk

        Yes its true we are a for profit company; after all we do have to pay the bills. That being said while it important to turn a profit it is equally important that we enjoy doing what we do. We not only create spectacular events but we participate in what we do, at any point in time you will see one of us in full steampunk attire, Tea Dueling, Cheering or Booing loudly for the wrestlers in the ring, or just in general having fun.

        Gear Con Family is not just a title with us it means once you join us as a performer, vendor, or sponsor you truly are a part of the family so be warned there are a few nuts amongst us. If you do not succeed we do not succeed as this is truly a joint effort and takes all of us to create an event. That being said if you have an idea or see something that needs fixed and or changed if you do not let us know we can not take care of it.

         We truly hope that you decide to join us as either a member of our family or a guest at our event. We promise to do our best to make it memorable. This is just the begining for AKA Amusement and Entertainment llc looking forward to our next adventure and hope that you will join us on this journey.

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