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Southern Oklahoma Steampunk

      While it looks as if the Steampunk Stampede has a very bright future ahead of it let us not forget our humble beginnings. 2022 was our inaugural year and was held at the Bryan County Fairgrounds.  At this time, we were simply G-Con which some claimed was Generic Con and others Gear Con as it was tagged to get your gear on at G-Con. I can safely say that there were more things done wrong than done right I personally was grateful for the learning experience.  

      Not much to be said for 2023 as it was canceled due to circumstances beyond my control and a power struggle that still continues. It was due to this situation I was determined to find an area which would welcome and support our event. As the saying goes one door closes and another opens which found us moving forward to 2023 and McAlester Oklahoma. 

        Steampunk Stampede 2023 was at the brink of disaster on multiple occasions, and had it not been for perseverance of myself and a few others it would have likely become another failed attempt.  We faced many obstacles and overcame them one by one and continued to move forward. Unlike 2022 the things we did right far outnumbered the things we did wrong and was an event that all involved should be proud to look back at.

        G-Con or Gear Con will forever be associated with and a part of Steampunk Stampede as it is from such humble beginnings that great things grow. We have pushed forward against adversity and still have further to go. Forever grateful to have stumbled and struggled so that I can see a strong future for Steampunk Stampede.  


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