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     Welcome to AKA Entertainment & Amusement home to the Gear Con Family of events and shows.  One can credit the Irish Road Show for the birth of AKA Entertainment & Amusement llc. as we made the decision to become a legal business in the entertainment field of Renaissance Faires. We now host the Steampunk Stampede and have added the Moonshine Family Sideshow to our growing family and look forward to adding D3 Promotions in the near future. It is our goal to create something not only for our family to grow and improve on but for other families to enjoy our family's brand of entertainment.

       Irish Road Show is a one man show featuring the pain proof acts of sideshow. While entertainment is the primary goal it also serves as an educational show as the history of sideshow is shared while each act is performed. This is done in a very traditional and family friendly manner reminiscent of the old traveling circus sideshows.  The Irish Road Show has performed at several Renaissance Festivals, Small Town Events and Steampunk Faires throughout the states.

        The Moonshine Family Sideshow is led by Pa Moonshine of the Irish Road Show. The Moonshine Family has more of a steampunk vibe but is readily adjusted for any occasion and still well within the boundaries of maintaining a family friendly show or stepping out of those confines when permitted. We add a bit of improv comedy to the show as we torture and torment ourselves and each other for your entertainment. It is our goal to make you grimace and laugh within a breath or two. 

      Steampunk Stampede is well a Steampunk Festival which is kept free to the public through sponsors and contributions. One can expect to find unique vendors, good food, extraordinary entertainment and a variety of things to enjoy. Our goal is to be the Steampunk Destination for Oklahoma and surrounding states. Be sure to add this to your calendar of events. 

      D3 Promotions is still in the planning stages but starting to take shape. D3 will bring the best professional wrestling possible via an Oklahoma based promotion. We look forward to bringing back old school professional wrestling where you can cheer and jeer your favorite or not so favorite wrestler and support some of the best talent on the circuit. If you are a fan of Pro Wrestling, you will soon be a fan of D3 Promotions.

        While S.O.S. does not fall in the category of an event or entertainment Southern Oklahoma Steampunk is very much a part of the family. S.O.S is the group which stands behind and helps support Steampunk Stamped. Check it out and feel free to join our community as we always welcome new members.



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