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Big River Steampunk Festival

While to some it may seem a bit odd to post about another Steampunk Festival on here, but I do odd pretty good. Like or similar events should never be seen as competition but a source from which to gain inspiration and Big River is indeed inspirational. Exactly what is Big River Steampunk Festival? Well set back and grab a cuppa and Ill do my best to let you know.

Big River Steampunk takes place in Hannibal Missouri which is known as America's Hometown. If you are a fan of M.A.S.H. you may recognize it as Kernal Potters hometown. If by chance that don't ring a bell perhaps the Samual Clemens better known as Mark Twain just happen to be from this place and you can even see the illustrious picket fence which and the many places mentioned in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. So that gives you a brief concept of the history related to this small town on the mighty Mississippi River.

Now the festival itself takes place over Labor Day Weekend and I can assure that this is not long enough to see and do everything that happens. Vendors line the street with amazing trinkets, clothing, and fine beverages not to mention the assorted food trucks on hand or the local dining experience. You will see such a huge assortment of unique characters strutting the streets in steampunk style that you will truly know you missed something somewhere. If you are shy or timid beware as this group can be extremely friendly and do not mind starting conversations with passerby's. Stop and enjoy a free show at one of the stages or better yet become a part of the show and take part in the Costume Contest. If that is not enough contact the event coordinator and check the availability of doing a vow renewal or even a wedding with a steampunk flair.

While G-Con was my first attempt at a Steampunk Festival I can honestly say that after attending Big River it has truly served as an inspiration for The Steampunk Stampede. The folks that created Big River are second to none and I am grateful to be a part of the Big River Family. If you get the oppurtunity to make it up to Hannibal Labor Day Weekend it is safe to say you will be on adventure worthey of Tom Sawyer. Hope to see you there.

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