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Don't Miss The Train

April 6th is only 29 days from now and while it may have seemed that the Steampunk Stampede was about to derail once or twice the engineer kept it upright and moving forward. It has not exactly been a smooth ride hat I can give you a written guarantee on but none the less the final destination is indeed within view. Be sure to catch the train and enjoy the ride.

Our original destination started out on one end of the historic Railroad District and ended up on the other end. The event will take place in the McAlester Farmers Market which will provide vendors a secure area and food trucks can be used for optimal display and attention for the event. One must rely on flexibility and the ability to adjust as needed to create any event and right now I feel like a contortionist.

One thing for certain is the fact that there will be plenty to do for everyone. Costume Contest, Tea Dueling, Teapot Racing, Bounty Hunt, and more. Regardless of the fact that this may be your first Steampunk Event or if you are a seasoned steampunker this event will allow for everyone to explore and enjoy. You won't want to miss out on the beginning of what will grow into an exceptional event and become a destination for not only Oklahoma Steampunk but an event that all Steampunk looks forward too. Can't wait to see everyone there and hope to introduce Steampunk to many who have never experienced it.

Full Steam ahead see you in McAlester at the Steampunk Stampede.

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