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Hannibal Missouri home of Big River Steampunk Festival

Well the month of July is already almost over and this is the first Gear Grease for the month. Life has been keeping everyone busy. Unfortunately that meant this was put on the back burner. I want to take some of my time this morning as I consume some Gear Grease to give you some details about Hannibal Missouri home of the Big River Steampunk Festival September 1-4 2023.

Hannibal's most famous resident would be Mark Twain, although growing up he was Samuel Clemens. Young Samuel moved there from Florida at the age of four. Hannibal would serve as the inspiration for St. Petersburg in the Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn adventures. Which while you are there you can visit Mark Twain's childhood home.

As you will be able to read momentarily there is a lot more than just Mark Twain related things in Hannibal. He just seems to have a touch on everything in the town.

If you like caves, there is Cameron cave. There is Mark Twain related history to this cave however, the more interesting aspect is it was used by Jesse James when he was on the run. Cameron Cave is the newest show cave in Missouri, while its sister cave the Mark Twain Cave is the oldest. Cameron Cave is open May through September and always around 57 degrees.

Additionally there is Lover's Leap. A beautiful cliff overlooking the Mississippi. This cliff gets its name from local Native American Legend. Two star crossed lovers from different tribes forbade to marry. Warriors were sent to kill them when their chiefs discovered they disloyalty. To escape the two lover leapt from the cliff.

Are you a fan of the HMS Titanic? Well Hannibal was the home to Unsinkable Molly Brown a lady who survived not only the sinking of the Titanic but a few other ships. They have turn Molly Brown's home into a museum.

If the spooky or paranormal is more your thing Hannibal has you covered there also. Although closed in 2021 you can still see the exterior of a haunted house and wax museum that inspired Mark Twain. Or fancy a stroll in a graveyard? The Riverside Cemetery dates back to the 1880s and offers scenic views of the river dotted with old headstones. It is also conveniently hidden on the way to the Mark Twain Cave Complex.

Now if all that doesn't get you to wanting to visit Hannibal then the Big River Steampunk Festival should. Tickets are on sale now for that event over Labor Day Weekend. Time willing and if the floods don't rise there will be a Gear Grease about Big River Steampunk Festival only later to come. Until Next time.

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