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New Years aComing

Looks like a New Year is quickly approaching, and we have survived another series of holidays and birthdays and even laid a few to rest. Now some might call this a time to look back and reflect maybe even get a little wiser. Well pure shame I aint one of those folks as I figure there's still a really good chance, I'm going to do at least a dozen or more what we might best describe as Stupid things.

To start with Steampunk Stampede is just around the corner 3 Months aint all that far off. This year is going to be pretty good if I say so myself. Several top-notch celebrity guest, you can check them out on the Whose Who page. A first ever Teapot Demolition Derby which i think might prove to be fun. Speaking of fun there is this group called The Moonshine Family that you aint gonna want to miss. Then there is the ever-favorite gentleman the Steampunk Pope there to give his blessing and add to the shenanigans at hand. As if that's not enough we have some great vendors and live music.

After Stampede I'll be headed to Garden City Kansas as the Irish Road Show. Kinda gotten lazy and enjoyed having a couple of folks to carry the weight,

but I am ready to step it up and do a solo show or two. If you are anywhere near Garden City Kansas, I highly recommend Siler Sage Renaissance Faire June 8th and 9th. While your there walk over and visit the city zoo its free of charge for pedestrians.

Of course, every body's favorite festival we have to wait for until Labor Day and that's Big River in Hannibal. Just in case you have not heard this is their 10th anniversary and boy are they ready to celebrate. Steampunk, Wastelands, and a Renaissance Faire all in one weekend and one location. I thought I was ambitious but Big River is making me look like I'm slacking. They just keep getting bigger and better.

So go ahead look back and reminisce aint nothing wrong with that. As for me I am looking forward to building up steam and taking the New Year like a shiny Steam Train running full speed. So here is to a New Year with adventure and Cheer. See yall in the funny pages.

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