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Glad to see we all made it past Halloween and are ready to move on to the next holiday season. That being said sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy while we recuperate. Now thanks to a bit of escaping the comfort zone and working a Haunted Attraction {September generally ends my performing season} the Moonshine Family Sideshow made its debut.

These three? okey maybe 2 fine looking gents came together to entertain and shock folks at the Deadwood Haunted Trails. Nothing like combining the arts of moonshine and sideshow to make people question your sanity {which I do not think any of these three possess}. The extremely fine-looking gent in front is now known as Pa Moonshine patriarch of the family. Wearing the Straw-hat would-be Moonshine Moonshine or MoonshineX2 {come see the show to find out why}. That leaves CW short for Corn Whiskey seems he thinks he is the edumacated one of us. Together and with the help of our dearly departed Ma Moonshine we make up the Moonshine Family Sideshow

Now we do come with a PG 13 warning label if the young'uns get it you might want to be asking them a few questions yourself. However we stay pretty much at the warning label and stay pretty family friendly. Well ok if we do a smoker all bets are off and then we do our best to get each other to break character by any means possible. So be sure to catch one of our shows at The Steampunk Stampede.

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