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Step Into My Study

Greetings and Salutations once again. Its been just a bit since we last sat down and had a chat so please step into my study and join me with a cuppa. As you folks may have noticed the Steampunk Stampede's guest speakers are not what might be expected but I do promise they are well versed and very much proper for a Steampunk event.

It was customary for the gentle folk of the time to gather in their studies, libraries, and parlors to discuss such things as the newest explorations of the deepest darkest Africa or perhaps the results of the seance that was held by a member of their esteemed community. The Victorian Era was a time full of adventure and discovery with spiritualism just coming into its own. Let's not forget that here in the Americas was an equally fascinating period as the cattle drives brought beef to the railroads to be sent across the country feeding a nation. These brave cowboys saw and experienced many strange and unexplained events as they traveled the wilds of the west.

I do agree at first glance these might seem like strange topics for a Steampunk event I personally think they are indeed very well suited. Fear not there will still be plenty of traditional steampunk events and entertainment not to mention all the cool things to purchase. Be sure to catch the train as it heads to the Rail Road District in McAlester and join us for a Steampunk Stampede.

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