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Welcome to the Gear Grease...

The Gear Grease hopes to bring you more information about things related to GearCon, Irish Roadshow, and AKA Amusement and Entertainment LLC. Additionally, when I stop to smell the roses or get lost along the way; you will be there for that. Future editions hopes to see in depth conversations with interesting people (no use getting boring ones), videos of performances, history lessons and whatever other family friendly thing that can be mustered.

The main Greased Gears belongs to the Irish Roadshow. He is a world record holder for longest time spent standing on glass. The Irish Roadshow started his learnings at a very young age of 12 from his grandad. If how long ago could be calculated we would but not enough fingers and toes to do that.

On occasion when the main mind gets lost which happens a lot others will step in and help out. That doesn't mean those posts won't be as entertaining. Thank you for checking this out and enjoy the craziness.

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