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Moving Forward

As with everything there comes a time when we have to give up that favorite pair of socks or that worn out t-shirt. For me its finally breaking in a Bed of Nails and then realizing its time to retire it and make a new one. Then I have to decide do I duplicate it or reutilize in a new way or just start over for design sake.

Much like organizing an event its all about the fine tuning all the little tweaks that go into it. For example, Gear Con is a perfectly good name and will remain a part of our steampunk event but not 100% of our direction. I lost the building we were in which is all good as it just did not have the right feel for me. Not that it was a bad location it was not in my end vision. Now I can move forward with that vision much easier to see.

McAlester offers me a historic downtown with all the right ambiance needed for a spectacular event. I have kept my original format and tweaked it to Western them befitting Oklahoma. Bonus as now it will be a free event with the exception of special ticketed events plus I have the opprtunity to not only promote Steampunk but a major historical highway in The Jefferson Highway.

The old Bed served me well but it is time to move on. The new one will look similar to the old but with a few cleaner lines and minor adjustments. Here is to moving forward to bigger and better things.

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